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Starting the Process

Running a business is certainly no easy task. Throughout the life of your business you have relied on other business professionals to help move things along.  From the CPA to your local banker, many professionals have kept your business on the economic tracks to bring you where you are today. Now you’ve come to the point where you ready to move in a different direction whether that be retirement, health, other business interests, or even if you just no longer want to be the boss. There is a fork in the road here: go at it alone or seek out a professional. Selling a business can be just as difficult as starting and running one. Go at it alone and you’ll find that you are managing two businesses: your personal business and the business of selling your business. You have relied on professionals in the past. Let us, Sunbelt of Central and North Louisiana, help you through this next journey. You manage your business and we will manage the process of selling.  There’s a lot to it.  Not sure what all is involved?  Feel free to click on and read the following articles to give you some insight as to what the weeks ahead might include when you list with Sunbelt.


A look into the process of estimating the market value of your business and what your Broker will need to develop this valuation.  What’s it your business worth?  Want to find out?


There is a right way and there is a wrong way. Read this article to explore the marketing of a business listing and the pitfalls to avoid.

The Non-Disclosure

        Shhhh…Confidentiality is key.  And let’s make sure they are not just a tire kicker!

Showing Your Business

       You’ve got an interested buyer and they are ready to see your business in person. Now what!?

     The Offer and Counter-Offer

Sometimes the offer is good, sometimes it’s bad, and sometimes it just needs to be countered.

Due Diligence

Everyone wants to make sure they are buying what we are selling.

     Putting the Money Together

Buyer Equity, SBA Loans, Conventional Loans, Seller Financing, we will assist with bringing it all together

Getting to the Table

        We meet up and close the deal…

Other Professionals?

But wait, where’s the attorney?

Final Handshake

We’ve come all this way, and I’d just like to shake your hand.

Life After the Sale

       Some things you may want to consider…


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