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Sell Your Business With The Leading Business Brokers In The Industry

With over 40 years in business, we have the experience to help you sell your business. Our Brokers use only proven methods to get your business sold and maintain confidentiality, while never interrupting the flow of everyday business.

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How Our Process works

As business owner's, we understand what buyers are looking for in a business. When you work with our team of professional Business Brokers, we work hard to get your business sold for the best price and in the shortest time frame.

Prepare & Analyze The Business

We work with you as a business owner to determine the flow of your business and it's marketability. We will spend time with you to get to know your business and what your expectations are from us as your professional representative.

Valuations & Deal Structures

No one business is the same as the next. Our Brokers will spend the time looking at the inner workings of your business to find the best value for your business. We will put together a deal structure that gets you the most from your hard work. Valuations are performed at no charge to you.

Developing Your Business Marketing Assets

After completeing your valuation, we will put together CONFIDENTIAL Business Profiles, Reviews, and other physical media designed to attract the most qualified buyers. We will NOT place a sign in front of your business. CONFIDENTIALITY is key to successfully selling a business.

Confidential Internet Promotion

Today's buyers are online, scouring the internet, and looking for their next opportunity. Our marketing begins with the placement of your confidential business profile here, our local website, and the International Sunbelt Website. We do not stop there. We place your confidential profile on all of the major Business Marketplaces, giving you the most exposure to the best buyers.

Offline Networking & Marketing

Our offline network includes Brokers and buyers from around the globe. We are one of the oldest Business Brokerage Firms in the US and it shows. Your Business will have the largest audience possible while maintaining confidentiality. As a part of your Marketing Plan, we will tap into our global database of buyers, private equity firms, and strategic corporate buyers, who are already looking for a business like yours.

Screening Buyers

With our marketing program in full swing, we will begin to generate buyer inquiries. Not everyone qualifies and we work hard to weed out the "Tire Kickers". We screen every buyer and develop a working catalog of buyers that fit your business, are financially qualified, and will be able to continue the success of the business you have worked hard for.

Manage Buyers & Evaluate Offers

We work to have offers come from the best buyers. When offers come into play we will work with you and your professional associates to weigh the pros and cons of each.

Due Diligence

Once an offer has been received and accepted we will help you walk through the process of due diligence. We work with attorneys, accountants, and lending firms to keep the period of due diligence focused and moving forward.

The Closing

We will help you begin the exchange of information between attorneys and accountants. It's been a long road but now it's time to close the deal and start a new chapter in your life.

The process may be a business transaction, but every interaction with us is personal. Please feel free to contact us so that we can meet with you personally, walk you through the process, and give you a FREE evaluation of your business

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